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"This is What We Call Adventure", Sossusvlei, Namibia travel blog

"This is What We Call Adventure"

A travel blog entry by bakkepackers

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... plumbing, potable water, shower  built to fit a family of five. Our tent had a big front porch looking out over the Naukluft mountains, with a kitchen and braai on the porch. And the camp had a pool and full-service bar, so we settled right in for a ...

Nambib Desert, Hardap, Namibia travel blog

Nambib Desert

A travel blog entry by hpeier12

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We drove from the Norther Lush Landscape 400k south to Sossusvlei hoping to get an Balloon flight early tomorrow , if it Windy like today then of course there will be No Flight. We stopped in solitaire to ask for Directions and I ended up chatting with ...

the Namib desert, Sossusvlei, Namibia travel blog

the Namib desert

A travel blog entry by bvrlymm

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... most afternoons. This means there are very few other tourists. Those who are here are mostly northern Europeans, especially Germans. Namibia was a German colony until the end of WW1 and the German influence remains. The Kulala Desert Lodge is on the edge ...

An Unforgettable Day at the Dunes, Sossusvlei, Namibia travel blog

An Unforgettable Day at the Dunes

A travel blog entry by travellingross


After the best sleep I've had on this Namibian tour, we set off in a northerly direction for 295 km towards Hammerstein Lodge. This would be our gateway to the Sossusvlei red dunes the following day and this lodge has a selection of animals either ...