Kamanjab, Namibia

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Etosha Mountain Lodge Kamanjab

Etosha Mountain Lodge Kamanjab

3.50 8 reviews

, Kamanjab, Namibia

Toko Lodge & Safaris Kamanjab

Toko Lodge & Safaris Kamanjab

4.50 102 reviews

Kamanjab, Kamanjab, Namibia

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Namibia Safari Part II, Kamanjab, Namibia travel blog

Namibia Safari Part II

A travel blog entry by charmedlife

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... white Etosha pan for hotter, dryer, red sandy earth heading towards Damaraland. On the way, we stop in the small town of Kamanjab, on our way to see the Himba Tribesmen. In addition to beer, another nice thing about German influence is the lovely bakeries ...

Playing with the moggies, Otjitotongwe, Cheetah Farm, Namibia travel blog

Playing with the moggies

A travel blog entry by jonclark2000

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... when the watering hole are packed with animals. We stopped at Outjo for lunch, the town seemed like a ghost town. Kamanjab was where we were heading and the cheetah farm called Otjitotongwe. At 4:30 we all piles on the back of a ...


who's fooling who?

A travel blog entry by katherine-anne

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I want to tell you about the Himba tribe, the last traditional tribe in Namibia. I realise there are two ways of telling and am wondering which would do more justice. It's hard to say. I can quote the facts which I have here in front of me. I can't fault ...

Small Bushmen and Big Cats, Kamanjab, Namibia travel blog

Small Bushmen and Big Cats

A travel blog entry by globedecker

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He Said: Heading into the northern Namibian heartland we drove to visit a tribe of San Bushmen. Prior to this trip Katie and I had the impression that there were still isolated pockets of people in Africa that lived by traditional ways and ancient ...

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Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park

Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park


Kamanjab, Namibia