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The question of Myanmar (Burma), Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar travel blog

The question of Myanmar (Burma)

A travel blog entry by philthy

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... contribute was to talk to as many people as possible to try and help others learn some English - a powerful tool in Myanmar as English language newspapers and magazines can be found while all Burmese-language news is under strict control of the ...

I Have Friends in Rangoon, Rangoon, Myanmar travel blog

I Have Friends in Rangoon

A travel blog entry by christinasworld

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... waving back. It's just me again alone on the other side of this great world. Yes, for two more days it's just me in Rangoon with the monks of the Byat That Monastery, the postcard girls and the laughing lady at the Shan noodle shop. I guess I'm not ...

Burmese Daze, Yangon, Myanmar travel blog

Burmese Daze

A travel blog entry by laurenandjack

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Alright fellas, we're back in action. You can blame India's electricity instability for our apparent procrastination in writing an entry. The power craps out here at least 5 times a day; now we are in Delhi, where they've achieved nearly constant power ...

Beguiling Burma, Rangoon, Myanmar travel blog

Beguiling Burma

A travel blog entry by sarah

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... a fan and look, a mosquito net's provided. The fan was fine until the power went out (a frequent daily, and nightly, occurrence in Rangoon), and the mosquitos buzzing around would have been thwarted by the net if there weren't holes in it, and if we could ...