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Chapter 32: Me and Myanmar, Part 2, Bagan/Kalaw, Myanmar travel blog

Chapter 32: Me and Myanmar, Part 2

A travel blog entry by easyread

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... let him know that there's a big demand for old Echo & the Bunnymen tunes in the under-priviledged youth sector of central Myanmar! On Thursday I rented a bike and rode out (in the 95-degree heat) to the ruins of ancient Bagan. It was an incredible ...

Mandalay, Mingun+Pwin Oo Lwin, Mandalay, Mingun+Pwin Oo Lwin, Myanmar travel blog

Mandalay, Mingun+Pwin Oo Lwin

A travel blog entry by mimmik

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... to see loads of Burmese/Myanmartians (!) worshipping during the ceremony. Next, the 3 of us did a day trip boat ride to Mingun, one of the ancient cities in the Mandalay area. It's famous for an absolutely hulking and unfinished stupa that has massive ...

The ancient cities, Mingun, Myanmar travel blog

The ancient cities

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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Up early for the visit to the 3 ancient Cities. We headed of towards Sagaing, but as this is Myanmar, there was an entry fee for these 3 and also the 4th City, Mingun. There was not much left of the old place with the highlight being Kaunghmudaw Paya. It ...

Día 7 y 8. Mingun ,Sagaing y Pyin oo lwin.., Mingun, Myanmar travel blog

Día 7 y 8. Mingun ,Sagaing y Pyin oo lwin..

A travel blog entry by perquisitore

... cerca de la frontera con China y es un importante centro económico para el intercambio de materias primas. Esta ciudad cuando Myanmar pertenecía a la colonia Británica, era la ciudad de vacaciones, debido a que al estar en las montañas tiene un ...

Attractions in Mingun

Mingun Attractions (2)
Mingun Paya

Mingun Paya


Mingun, Myanmar

The remains of what would have been the world's largest religious monument if work on it hadn't been halted by an 1838 earthquake.

Ayeyarwaddy River

Ayeyarwaddy River


Mingun, Myanmar

The little Jetty here in Mingun seemed to quite busy. There boats coming and going the whole time I was there.