Tete, Mozambique

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Hotel Zambeze Tete

Hotel Zambeze Tete

3.00 24 reviews

Avenida Eduardo Mondlane 6, Tete, Mozambique

VIP Executive Tete Hotel

VIP Executive Tete Hotel

3.50 16 reviews

Avenida da Liberdade, Tete, Mozambique

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Spice Holidays..., In the bush somewhere, Mozambique travel blog

Spice Holidays...

A travel blog entry by ad_n_caz

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... we've sailed back to Dar Es Salaam, driven down through southern Tanzania, spent a few days on lake Malawi, and transited through Mozambique (camping in the middle fo the bush) to get to Harare in time for the cricket match that they're not playing. Oh ...

Hot times in Tete, Tete, Mozambique travel blog

Hot times in Tete

A travel blog entry by coopertrooper

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... well recently as they have been welcoming all the professional workers leaving Zimbabwe. While Malawi and Mozambique have been more hostile towards the better educated Zimbabweans migrating over. Albert tells us he met ...

Motoring Through Mozambique, Tet Corridor, Mozambique travel blog

Motoring Through Mozambique

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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... $30 U.S. for a visa for about a three hour across the top of Mozambique, we continued on our way. If anything, this part of Mozambique felt even more poverty stricken than rural Malawi. For the first hour, we saw no signs at all of any type of grid; ...

Middle of nowhere, Somewhere in northern Mozambique, Mozambique travel blog

Middle of nowhere

A travel blog entry by angela_louise


... that came to say hello in the morning. We left Mozambique as quickly as we had arrived and headed over to Zimbabwe. I would love to come back to Mozambique and explore a bit more one day, because I don't feel like we got to see that much of the ...