Oujda, Morocco

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Ibis Moussafir Oujda

Ibis Moussafir Oujda

3.50 83 reviews

Boulevard Abdellah Chefchaouni, Oujda, Morocco

Hotel Babel Nador Oujda

Hotel Babel Nador Oujda

3.50 17 reviews

Boulevard Prince Sidi Mohamed, Oujda, Morocco

Royal Hotel Oujda

Royal Hotel Oujda

4.00 16 reviews

13, Av. Zerktouni, Oujda, Morocco

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Road trip to the Algerian border, Oujida, Morocco travel blog

Road trip to the Algerian border

A travel blog entry by myjob

This is a top pick!

... to mention the GUNS. The Algerian Border is around 40 kms away and I imagine they are looking for illegal immigrants. Morocco and Algeria are not the greatest of buddies and the fully manned military posts makes that apparent. As you continue your ...

Side-trip 3: Nomad Country, Jerada, Morocco travel blog

Side-trip 3: Nomad Country

A travel blog entry by superhikes


... a cluster of tents out in the middle of nowhere. Nomads! I’m immediately fascinated by the sight. Although I’ve travelled Morocco extensively over the last couple of years, I have yet to get a glimpse of this very unique culture. These are ...

De eerste stappen in de Maghreb, Oujda, Morocco travel blog

De eerste stappen in de Maghreb

A travel blog entry by matini


... we niet zinnens zijn langer in Marokko te verwijlen rijden we over Moulay-Idris (de heilige stad van Marokko), Meknes en Fes naar Oujda nabij de Algerijnse grens. Vragen de mensen hier in de Maghreb (Marokko, Algerije, TunesiŽ) waarheen we gaan en we ...

Finally, a Big City, Oujda, Morocco travel blog

Finally, a Big City

A travel blog entry by superhikes


... ... and none of those "what the hell is a foreigner doing here?" looks (although I get suprisingly few of those here in Morocco.) Oujda (0196, 10 hrs, 14.5 kms) does definitely have the "big city" feel with a modern shopping area, a medium old ...