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Mercure Rif Nador

Mercure Rif Nador

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1 Avenue Ibn Tachfine, Nador, Morocco

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Great name..., Fez, Morocco travel blog

Great name...

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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Someone was taking the piss. Back in medieval times. The planners of Fez I mean. I can imagine them sitting around one evening over a mint tea and a spicy Moroccan tagine discussing how to make Fez the most completely impossible city to navigate. It ...

Nador, Nador, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by myjob

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Nador is a small town in Northern Morocco that I learned to call home. The South of the city is nestled in the Rif Mountains and the North is surrounded by the Mediterranean ...

Untouched by Tourists, Nador, Morocco travel blog

Untouched by Tourists

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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Nador in Morocco borders Melilla in Spain. We got here so early in the morning that no one had checked out of their rooms yet and we had to wander, bleary-eyed from hotel to hotel trying to find an empty room. When we finally found one, we realized too ...

Morocco, Nador, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by marceld1


This is my first time in Morocco and my first entry to travel pod. I'm flying Geophysical Surveys in the North as well as central Morocco. I was based in Nador and Er Rachittia but I got to do a little traveling as ...