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Morocco 2.0, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Morocco 2.0

A travel blog entry by dinojay2

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The City Our long awaited return to Morocco finally arrived last weekend when we took a roundabout set of dirt cheap flights from Madeira to Lisbon, Lisbon to Madrid, then Madrid to Marrakesh. Marrakesh is home to a famous medina full of mad souqs and ...

The Real Morocco, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

The Real Morocco

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... in it being a prime destination for tourists and it has become very touristy. Our guidebook describes Marrakech (population 970,000) as the "lodestone" of Central Morocco; the oasis was the finest many traders had ever seen. Although many of the ...

Finally a bit of chaos again..., Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Finally a bit of chaos again...

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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... Madrid to Casablanca for about 58 Euros per head with EasyJet. And with only a three hours train ride inland to Marrakech from Casablanca, we both looked forward to spend a week discovering this famous North African city and its surroundings. Carolina ...

http://ADwarfIn..., Marrakech, Morocco travel blog


A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... all that the english say, and are constantly repeated by the touts. Palais El Bahia? Average. No further elaboration required. Marrakech impresses as a genuine city, certainly not free of the exploitative blemishes that come with tourism, but not ...