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"How Sick is He?" We Asked, Uliastay, Mongolia travel blog

"How Sick is He?" We Asked

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... for the hospital: Zero. It is free public health care for everyone. There are private doctors who have thriving practices in Mongolia. *Pancho’s cost for the doctors: free *Lab costs: free *Pancho’s cost for the pharmacy: 1500T ($1.33) ...

Horse trekking to the belly 8 lakes, Khangai Nuruu, Mongolia travel blog

Horse trekking to the belly 8 lakes

A travel blog entry by tallbird_lankey


... saddles made a lasting impression on my backside) A note about the saddles.... If any one has the joy to visit mongolia, then I would wholeheartedly recommend taking the time to go horse trekking. Horsemanship is such a part of their culture that it ...

Terkhun Tsagaan Nuur - The White Lake, Central Mongolia, Mongolia travel blog

Terkhun Tsagaan Nuur - The White Lake

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... of nights in the middle of nowhere and long days driving, we made it to the White Lake. Now in a very remote part of Mongolia there is a considerable risk of the Bubonic Plague (black death), not much to worry about though, it only wiped out one third of ...

Lake Khovsgol, Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia travel blog

Lake Khovsgol

A travel blog entry by jamesandsonia


... a stunning alpine lake, surround by pristine forests and towering peaks. Despite being a complete pain to get to, it is Mongolia's foremost tourist attraction and deservedly so. As such, the national park is equipped with all the amenities that one ...