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A different kind of danger.., Trans-Mongolian Express: 108th hour, Mongolia travel blog

A different kind of danger..

A travel blog entry by rutgervd

Having dropped off Jens and the Mongolian circus in Ulan-Baator (Mongolia's capital) - we had yet another 24 hours to go. At the Mongolian border they had changed the Russian Restaurant for a Mongolian one, the change was like night and day; beautiful ...

Missing- One Dutchman, Trans-Mongolian, Mongolia travel blog

Missing- One Dutchman

A travel blog entry by aaronnbeth


... police made Beth empty her bag for no real reason (knew she was always a shifty one, she was probalbly checking for smuggled Mongolian children). At the Chinese border they moved the train into a big shed and lifted each carriage up on jacks to change the ...

Classic, Epic Train Journey, Trans Mongolian Railway, Mongolia travel blog

Classic, Epic Train Journey

A travel blog entry by oliverhart853


... we went to sleep. When I first looked out the window, I couldn't see any buildings, not even a ger(felt yurts where Mongolian nomads live), though after a few minutes we saw two standing together belching smoke from its stove. After a few hours we stopped ...

4755′N, 10655′E to 3954R, Trans Mongolian Railway II- Ulaan Baatar To Beijing, Mongolia travel blog

4755′N, 10655′E to 3954R

A travel blog entry by hamelandnisa


Trans Mongolian Railway 1 night on Trans Mongolian Railway from Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia) to Beijing (China). 4 berth cabin shared with Dee and Donall (from Ireland). Border crossing involved changing of the wheel bogeys as the Chinese tracks are ...