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A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... huge temperature differences between summer and winter, the differences between day and night are also very great. In the highlands of Mongolia, 30 C can be reached during the day with sub-zero C readings at night (for our American friends, ...

Aaaarggghhh the gers on fire!!!, Terelj, Mongolia travel blog

Aaaarggghhh the gers on fire!!!

A travel blog entry by andrewanderica

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Early start as today we were taking our first of Mr Kim's famous tours to the 'Gorkhi Terelj National Park' approximately a 1 1/2 hour car ride away, to stay with a local family in a ger (a large round tent with a wood burner in the centre of it, no ...

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... nbsp; She's worse than me. I've had some requests for pics of Mongolian wrestling.  Will this do?   Whoever thought Mongolia would look like this?   Before long a bloke came along with an extra horse and he offered to give one of ...

City-Escape: Terelj National Park, Terelj, Mongolia travel blog

City-Escape: Terelj National Park

A travel blog entry by steffen102


... is well developed for tourists. Due to the popularity there are several huge tourist camps in this area. Luckily we are in Mongolia during off-season and decided to travel to the park on Friday till Saturday afternoon, to avoid any weekend crowds, and we ...