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Mongolia, Khentii Mountains, Mongolia travel blog


A travel blog entry by meercatvinny

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Mongolia is beautiful, full stop. I've never seen such a wild place. We arrived on the 23rd of May into Ulan bataar, the capital, which is an awful looking place. We didn't stay there initially though because we got picked up straight from the airport ...

Greetings from a Ger!, Elstei Ger Camp, Mongolia travel blog

Greetings from a Ger!

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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(Em here) Got the train from Irkutsk on 4th Feb. Were in a 4 person compartment this time and hoped we would be on our own which were were until the Mongolian border. Scenery still beautiful on the train and people are starting to look a lot more Asian ...

Yak chasing and ger herding, Ger camp - 70 km from Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia travel blog

Yak chasing and ger herding

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... time spent in the ger could probably be used better to see more around UB. I'm sure there is a lot to see and do in Mongolia, but we only scratched the surface. It's Christmas today so thanks mum for the lovely card tha made its way to me and cheers ...

Outer Mongolia !!!!, Goby Desert, Mongolia travel blog

Outer Mongolia !!!!

A travel blog entry by leon1974


ON the 25th September we went through Outer Mongolia, and the Goby desert. As you would imagine, it was very sandy, and we made the mistake of leaving the windows open in our carriage so some of the desert got inside. We saw camels.. apparently they came ...