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Adventures out West, Olgii, Mongolia travel blog

Adventures out West

A travel blog entry by piphunt

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... , and will be making our way to the furthest western point of the country in the next few days, where there are glaciers. Mongolia is amazing! I never believed you could fall in love with a country, but I have head over heels fallen for Mongolia! The ...

Where does the road go? No idea!, Olgiy, Mongolia travel blog

Where does the road go? No idea!

A travel blog entry by argieuk

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... were no animals grazing, no life whatsoever, we came to the Mongolian side. Greeted warmly by a lady on the barrier - welcome to Mongolia. The to the disinfecting hut, where we had to drive through a dip and were conned out of 50 roubles for the trouble. ...

Golden Eagle Festival Day 2, 5km East Of Olgii, Mongolia travel blog

Golden Eagle Festival Day 2

A travel blog entry by jpischedda


The eagle festival start time on the second day proved to be as flexible as it was on the first.  My guide explained that things out here ran on "Mongolian time", meaning the start time was only a general suggestion. As we waited for all of the ...

Ulungur River***, Ulungur He, China travel blog

Ulungur River***

A travel blog entry by michaeljudy


Ulungur ...