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The most remote place on earth....., Kharkhorin, Mongolia travel blog

The most remote place on earth.....

A travel blog entry by andrewanderica

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... set off for Karakorum and endured about 9 hours drive through some of the most remote scenery on earth, it was incredible. Mongolia is the least populated country on earth (allthough Greenland and Faroe Islands are less densly populated they are owned by ...

A Ger in the Country, Kharakhom, Mongolia travel blog

A Ger in the Country

A travel blog entry by irax

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... we were too stingy to pay the extra $10 in order to do this. This is something that really annoyed me about Mongolia. If I'd payed $10 everytime I'd wanted to take pictures inside somewhere then I'd be a whole lot poorer. I'm distracting myself again, ...

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, Galuut bag, Mongolia travel blog

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

A travel blog entry by travelrob

We woke up leasurely on Friday in anticipation of a 9:30 AM departure by bus to the Gun-Galuut nature reserve to the east of UB.  This was a welcome sleep in for those recovering from Club Night. According to the itinerary, the journey to the ...

You can spot them a while away, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia travel blog

You can spot them a while away

A travel blog entry by travelrob

... for him to claim.  After some discussions with security and airline staff they informed him his bag would arrive tomorrow in Mongolia.  Better than never! Alex and I get the exit row seats.  Score! The scenery during the flight was ...

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Karakorum (Kharkhorin)

Karakorum (Kharkhorin)


Orthon Valley, Kharkhorin, Mongolia

Ancient capital of Mongol Empire established by Genghis Khan in 1220.