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A long day of dust, Altay, Mongolia travel blog

A long day of dust

A travel blog entry by argieuk

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... act. And then the police who seemed to take a particular interest in us - more here than we've seen in rest of Mongolia.All very pleasant chaps but I'm afraid yours truly has given up to a running monologue outlining my present state of mind and ...

this bus is rubbish, Taygan, Mongolia travel blog

this bus is rubbish

A travel blog entry by davechrisdamo


Oh good lord let me off this fecking bus! There really are no words to describe the levels of discomfort that are being inflicted on our poor bodies. I will list only the most pressing here but rest assured I'm leaving a lot out. We have three (I was ...

Road to Altay, Altay, Mongolia travel blog

Road to Altay

A travel blog entry by p2pjaguar


... climb to Altay at 2500m. A cold night was promised although rumour control is non existent, we had been promised snow in UB and Altay, but in the searing heat we think this is unlikely despite the fact that distant mountains do have a snow cap. Around 50 ...

Minor Earth, Major Sky, Altay sumu, Mongolia travel blog

Minor Earth, Major Sky

A travel blog entry by raaawr


... . The flight itself was fantastic. With the sun shining and the snow kissed mountains surrounded by the brown vastness that is Mongolia, wonderful. You could really see how the ground was climbing up and that we were going from about 700 meters over sea ...