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Barstow-Gallup, NM, Gallup, United States travel blog

Barstow-Gallup, NM

A travel blog entry by thepaynes2014

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... apparent that we had seen another cold front.  The weather dropped from 78 to 56 in short order.  Once we arrived in New Mexico, the temp had dropped into the low 50's.  Supposed to get down to the low to mid 20's tonight. We will attempt ...

En route five hours ago, Tulum, Mexico travel blog

En route five hours ago

A travel blog entry by bsuarez

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... cabana. I thought it would be nice to actually make a stop in Mexico instead of, you know, just heading straight to Belize. I landed in Mexico, might as well make the best of it. So I went to the bus station and saw that there were only two buses to ...

It worked out, Chetumal, Mexico travel blog

It worked out

A travel blog entry by bsuarez

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So I was feeling pretty paranoid and alone because I was uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. I was in a situation which I did not control and therefore I felt I had no effect on my environment. I was merely an observe to that which came upon me. I felt ...

Landing, Cancun, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by bsuarez

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... the tourist aspect of Cancun. I feel like an outsider trying to be budget-conscious but everyone else here is trying to experience "Mexico" but in reality Cancun is just the "Gulf of Mexico" area of the World Showcase at the World Expo. It was hot and ...