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A day out in Mexico, Tijuana, Mexico travel blog

A day out in Mexico

A travel blog entry by mktravels

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...  given todays temperature was over 85 degrees. After initial caution due to internet hype, we spent a great day in Tijuana. It was  probably a different perspective of Mexico than the 'All Inclusive' deals to Acapulco but hey, thats what we ...

Baja California, Tijuana,Ensenada,Sta Rosalia,Loreto,Cabo StLucas, La Paz, Mexico travel blog

Baja California

A travel blog entry by marc-patty

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... cultures, and here we're going to cross that divide by foot, and in minutes. The border is really relaxed in the US-Mexico direction, but really strict the other way. In fact, you just walk through some turnstyles and that´s it, you´re in Mexico, no ...

Do You Wanna, Tijuana?, Tijuana, Mexico travel blog

Do You Wanna, Tijuana?

A travel blog entry by thelees

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... of interest were coming up. That's how we knew to look out for a notorious stretch of road along the US-Mexico border between Tijuana and Mexicali called "La Rumorosa". Its hairpin turns and roller-coaster dips through the mountains have claimed many ...

A day trip to Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico travel blog

A day trip to Tijuana

A travel blog entry by travelledkiwi


... so easy to go into Mexico as you walk pass a large fence with barb-wire and before you know it you are in Mexico and Tijuana is right in front of you. When I got over the border there were little girls selling jewelry they only look ...