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Aztec Pilgrimage, Mexcaltitan, Mexico travel blog

Aztec Pilgrimage

A travel blog entry by lisaviro1981

Ooops. Assumed that combis to Mexcaltitan, an hour away from Santiago Ixcuintla, would depart more than 3 times a day. Maybe cos was Sunday? Anyway this meant that our pilgrimage to the tiny island in the centre of the lily strewn lake that is said to be ...

SHRIMP, Mexcaltitan, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by meganlyles


Mexcaltitan is supposed to be the Venice of Mexico, because during the months of September, October, and November, the streets fill with water and residents row themselves from place to place in little boats. The first thing we noticed as we walked ...

Shrimp Overload 2010, Mexcaltitán, Mexico travel blog

Shrimp Overload 2010

A travel blog entry by stanvan


They say that Mexcaltitan is possibly the first pre-Aztec village.  What's strange is that it's a tiny little island about 5x5 blocks.  We explored the entire island in about 15 minutes, which was the same amount of time that it ...

We Made It, Mexcaltitan, Mexico travel blog

We Made It

A travel blog entry by meganlyles


... fences in the water. It was wonderful. Transportation thats an experience in itself. It was about fifteen minutes to Mexcaltitan, a tiny island that some belive is the original homeland of the Aztecs. The original name was Aztlan, which means Place ...