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El Bocadito Coba

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On road to ruins, Coba, Mexico

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Coba Ruins, Coba, Mexico travel blog

Coba Ruins

A travel blog entry by erriuc

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... trails lead to other aspects of the ruins. These ruins were opened to the public in 1973 but only a few of Cob'' estimated 6,000 structures are restored or uncovered. Most are still buried under centuries of thick jungle growth. My experience: ...

A major part of what i want to do in mexico ..., Coba, Merida and Campeche, Mexico travel blog

A major part of what i want to do in mexico ...

A travel blog entry by wkfoster

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... night in the main square they had music playing and then showed a concert - The three Tenors Christmas. Being in a coastal town in Mexico, listening to the Tenors sing carols about a white chirstmas is one of those things where you go, what is wrong with ...

Cóba a Cenote, Coba, Mexico travel blog

Cóba a Cenote

A travel blog entry by deniska


Zdravím, včera jsem byla na výletě. Již den před tím jsem hledala místo, z něhož si mě budou vyzvedávat. Hledala jsem ho asi hodinu. Po hodině jsem zjistila, že jsem kolem toho hotelu procházela asi ...

Ruins of Cobŕ, Coba, Mexico travel blog

Ruins of Cobŕ

A travel blog entry by neptunized


... '. What they say is that the people of Cob'' must have had trades with the people from Tikal (Guatemala) as the architecture of Cob'' looks very much similar to the one in Tikal and is different to the architecture to closer ruins like Tulum or the famous ...