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A day out in Mexico, Tijuana, Mexico travel blog

A day out in Mexico

A travel blog entry by mktravels

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...  given todays temperature was over 85 degrees. After initial caution due to internet hype, we spent a great day in Tijuana. It was  probably a different perspective of Mexico than the 'All Inclusive' deals to Acapulco but hey, thats what we ...

damn, the desert is HOT!, San Ignacio, Mexico travel blog

damn, the desert is HOT!

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

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... mirror tomorrow. I'm being overly harsh, but I think we all know that I'm not a small town girl, and it being in Mexico doesn't make it okay. Although infinitely more amusing trying to explain why I'm here. Apparently the locals can't figure it out ...

Our country cottage retreat!, Ensenada, Chile travel blog

Our country cottage retreat!

A travel blog entry by alexndean

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Dean:  Our country cottage retreat for a week, with Alex's parents. We have four weeks in Chile before we head over to New Zealand and during this time we will have a bit of company as Alex's parents have arranged to fly over to spend some time ...

Crazy crazy Carlos...., La Paz, Mexico travel blog

Crazy crazy Carlos....

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

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... we ended up leaving at 735. I'm still slightly confused as to when the bus was supposed to arrive. So I've learned an important Mexico lesson. Be an hour early, and be prepared to wait and hour after the "arrival" time. The bus ride was ...