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Episode 11:  Pure Destruction, Angangueo, Mexico travel blog

Episode 11: Pure Destruction

A travel blog entry by jeffsadventures

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... the bad.  After visiting the butterfly sanctuary with my tour group, I decided to try and pass through the town of Angangueo.  Last week I had to cancel the hotel reservations here and make them for another town.  Although the ...

The Mystery of the Monarchs, Angangueo, Mexico travel blog

The Mystery of the Monarchs

A travel blog entry by thymeoff

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... and research continues under programs such as Monarch Watch ( Universities, state and provincial governments in Mexico, the US and Canada are all involved, as are numerous international environmental organizations and foundations. It ...

Butterflies, Angangueo, Mexico travel blog


A travel blog entry by ivan.elizabeth


If you're not that keen on butterflies then probably not worth reading any further.  Angangueo is all about butterfly love! We left San Cristobal with a touch of sadness.  We really enjoyed our time there, met some lovely people and it has ...

La Cafetera Monarca, Angangueo, Mexico travel blog

La Cafetera Monarca

A travel blog entry by laiadevic


... única pista que no acaban de comprender: la foto de más arriba. Nosotros, por supuesto, sá comprendemos, y nos dirigimos rápidamente a Angangueo, el pueblo más cercano al Santuario. Temprano por la mañana nos subimos a un autobús que nos deja a la ...