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Cats and Donkeys, Port and Tellenovellas, Alvarado Mexico, Mexico travel blog

Cats and Donkeys, Port and Tellenovellas

A travel blog entry by outram


Paulīs version: Got a bus from Veracruz to a small fishing port on the Gulf of Mexico, Alvarado.  We headed for the port, climbing the hill towards the Ocean in heat and humidity approaching 90 (in all units).  No matter how far up the hill we ...

Alvarado, Veracruz, Alvarado, Mexico travel blog

Alvarado, Veracruz

A travel blog entry by aloijos


Alvarado is known for its happy (and also vulgar) people, the quintessential Jarocho.  I was walking around with my backpack on when a few men invited me to have some shrimp and beer.  They themselves had caught the shrimp.  They were ...

Curvosa Peligrosa, Alvarado, Mexico travel blog

Curvosa Peligrosa

A travel blog entry by chemoejito


Tuesday, October 28th                                    I had another exciting day. ...