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De Chinghetti ą Ouadane, Ouadane, Mauritania travel blog

De Chinghetti ą Ouadane

A travel blog entry by jpbigan


C'est encore plus dans le désert et la piste devient une vraie piste avec de vraies embūches, mais c'est pas fini!!!! Les aventures seront en commentaires dans les photos qui viendront.... plus tard. ...

Street of Forty Scholars, Ouadāne, Mauritania travel blog

Street of Forty Scholars

A travel blog entry by parleusted


... the 16th century when the Moroccan prince Ahmad el Mansour gained control of this route and sought to diminish it importance. Ouadane declined as Chinguetti, about a 100km away, prospered.  As was typical of the fortified towns on the caravan route, ...

Desert Camping, Ouadāne, Mauritania travel blog

Desert Camping

A travel blog entry by chrlttzmmrmn


Abdu's organized our trip to Ouadāne.  A guide led us deep into the desert; a 5 day trek through the sand dunes.  It was our first time riding a camel and the animal's rhythm took a little getting used to.  The camels carried our ...

Eye of the Sahara, Outside Ouadāne, Mauritania travel blog

Eye of the Sahara

A travel blog entry by chrlttzmmrmn


Outside Ouadāne is one of the most amazing natural spectacles on Earth.  The Eye of the Sahara, officially called the Richat Structure, can be seen from space.  It was originally thought to be caused by a meteorite striking Earth.  Now it ...