Timbuktu, Mali

Hotels in Timbuktu

Timbuktu Accommodations (4)
Hotel Hendrina Khan Timbuktu

Hotel Hendrina Khan Timbuktu

2.50 9 reviews

BP. 137 , Timbuktu, Mali

Hotel la Colombe Timbuktu

Hotel la Colombe Timbuktu

3.00 15 reviews

Rue Askia Mohammed, Timbuktu, Mali

Le Bouctou Timbuktu

Le Bouctou Timbuktu

2.50 6 reviews

BP 49, Timbuktu, Mali

Hotel du desert Timbuktu

Hotel du desert Timbuktu

3.50 8 reviews

BP : 142, Timbuktu, Mali

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The call of Timbuktu, Timbuktu, Mali travel blog

The call of Timbuktu

A travel blog entry by the-rambler

This is a top pick!

... , to the mystique of Dogon country (reknowned for its mystical animism and carving culture), up the Niger River to Mopti (Mali central) and on to Timbuktu and beyond. Prices screech rip-off, theft, gouge, grift. 2,500 Euros for a 10 day excursion. Excuse ...

Bamako was quite nice although sian didn

Bamako was quite nice although sian didn't ...

A travel blog entry by kevandsian

This is a top pick!

... off for Timbuktu. Sophie and Tijn have taken a short break from the truck and have travelled on to Burkina Faso and we travelled to Timbuktu with Tim and Pascal alongside in their landrover, 2 guys we first met at the Zebra Bar in St Louis. We bushcamped ...

Money problems and marriage proposal !, Timbuktu, Mali travel blog

Money problems and marriage proposal !

A travel blog entry by sueblueginger


... killed. Things calmed down when a lasting peace agreement was made and it culminated in the ceremonial burning of 3000 weapons in Timbuktu, and the monument, apparently funded by the Chinese government , was built on the spot, and some of the weapons are ...

The Ugly Traveller, Korioumé, Mali travel blog

The Ugly Traveller

A travel blog entry by tdv95


... Europeans with the Ugly American dropping well down. We had seen some evidence to support this, but a French tour group waiting in the Timbuktu ferry queue with us was about to put on a show like none we had seen before. All road vehicles have to cross ...

Attractions in Timbuktu

Timbuktu Attractions (1)
Djinguereber Mosque

Djinguereber Mosque


Old Town, Timbuktu, Mali

This mosque was built in 1325 and housed what was then the largest library in the world.