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Settled In, Gao, Mali travel blog

Settled In

A travel blog entry by kimberlyinchad

... reach this point where you are able to write; it also takes a certain temperature. Like I've written before, when I first got to Gao, I couldn't think or reflect on anything other than the searing heat. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon when the heat is so ...

Gao, gao, Mali travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal

Je me rapproche du Niger... L attracton locale c est la dune rose que l on visite au soleil ...

seatbelt for driver only ¨hahahahaha¨, Gao, Mali travel blog

seatbelt for driver only ¨hahahahaha¨

A travel blog entry by austinboston


... , you can't go wrong with the following selection.  Toumani Diabaté Djelika (Hannibal / Rykodisc, 1995) One of Mali's greatest kora players, Toumani Diabaté has recently made big news with his cross-cultural collaborative projects, working first ...

Welcome to the Height of HOT season in Gao, Gao, Mali travel blog

Welcome to the Height of HOT season in Gao

A travel blog entry by kimberlyinchad


... , but I'm taking it a day at a time. Between the sand, heat, and the kids still call me annassara, it sometimes does feel like I'm still in Chad. Send mail! Gao gets mail very quickly! PCV, Kimberly Seibel Corps de la Paix B.P. 119 Gao, MALI WEST ...

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Tomb of Askia

Tomb of Askia


Gao, Mali

The late 15th century pyramidal tomb and mosque were built by Askia Mohamed for the emperors of the Songhai empire.