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School visit on Felidhoo, Felidhoo, Maldives travel blog

School visit on Felidhoo

A travel blog entry by ggoat


I joined a group of my colleagues on a day-trip to the smallest and least populated atoll, Felidhoo, about 80km south of Male. The speedboat took almost two hours to get to the atoll's eponymous capital island, which is about 500 x 250 metres wide. ...

On a budget in the Maldives, Felidhoo Atoll, Maldives travel blog

On a budget in the Maldives

A travel blog entry by annietheowl


... back on the boar and heading home to Keyadhoo. A cracking day in spite of Bottle Island being so disappointing. Day Two in the Maldives...see Day One. Day Three in the Maldives...see Day Two. Day Four in the Maldives...see Day Three. We went to different ...

Maldives - Crusing Through Paradise on a Dhoni, Felidhoo, Maldives travel blog

Maldives - Crusing Through Paradise on a Dhoni

A travel blog entry by modernnomad67


... islands owned by sports stars like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. I managed to find a rather affordable way to visit the Maldives with Explore on a weeklong cruise on a dhoni, a Maldivian style fishing boat, to several coral atolls south from Male. ...

Dream Dhoni Cruise, Felidhoo, Maldives travel blog

Dream Dhoni Cruise

A travel blog entry by laurebondoux


... "activity" budget during our whole trip. In any case this is definitely an experience we would like to repeat: we may have become addicted to cruising/sailing trips after our two experiences on this trip (in the Philippines first and then in the ...