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Wild Borneo, Sepilok, Malaysia travel blog

Wild Borneo

A travel blog entry by rolandandlizzie

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... of rubbish - plastic bottles, nappies, wrappers etc etc. Outside of the shiny bright mall culture of Kuala Lumpur people in Malaysia are living a very basic lifestyle. The infrastructure is poor and so are the people. On the massive plus side the food ...

Monkeying around, Singporna, Malaysia travel blog

Monkeying around

A travel blog entry by zee

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... and it was painful to have to cross it without detouring. It won't be long before it is as crassly touristed as the rest of Malaysia, and it would have been great to see it before that happened. Oh well, i'm sure there'll be a doco I can watch instead on ...

Hanging out in the jungle, Sepilok, Malaysia travel blog

Hanging out in the jungle

A travel blog entry by hils

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... off a crane, I'm not sure it was supposed to be a funny film but we certainly laughed. Thankfully we eventually reached Sepilok and checked into our lovely jungle room and then headed over to the Orangutan Centre. Injured and orphaned orangutans are ...

Orange Tans, Sepilok, Malaysia travel blog

Orange Tans

A travel blog entry by irax

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... recover from Mount K (in the end I wasn't able to walk down stairs properly for 4 days!). I stayed in a place called the Sepilok Jungle Resort, which was beutiful but was run by the most miserable staff that I've ever come across, barely a smile between ...