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Penang - Bye bye beach, Pinang, Malaysia travel blog

Penang - Bye bye beach

A travel blog entry by stephen.j.booth

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... the bus (public transport in Malaysia is flawless) to Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam, it's the biggest buddhist temple in Malaysia. Luckily that day there was very few people around and this gave the place a really eerie, peaceful feeling. The architecture ...

Day 63:  A Taste of Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Day 63: A Taste of Penang

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711

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... by now. I arrived in Penang just after dark and found my desired guesthouse without much navigation trouble. Penang is an island in North Malaysia famous for its cheap and amazing cuisine and colonial architecture, and was in fact being awarded UNESCO ...

Cultural (con)fusion, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Cultural (con)fusion

A travel blog entry by zee

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... of near disillusionment with the religious text of the backpacker- the South-East Asia Lonely Planet guidebook. Its exultant descriptions of Penang had left me breathless with anticipation: The 'party town' (where beers cost the same as Sydney and spirits ...

Penang - Part 2, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Penang - Part 2

A travel blog entry by penguinmad

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On Sunday 12th September 2004 I went to Palace Payar Marine park, this is near Langkawi Island. From Georgetown we took a ferry to the park, it took about 1 hours to get there, but sitting on the top deck of the ferry in the sun made it a very nice ...