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Key Historical Port, Malacca, Malaysia travel blog

Key Historical Port

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey

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... East India Company and then as a Crown Colony. It formed part of the Straits Settlements, together with Singapore and Penang. After the dissolution of this crown colony, Malacca and Penang became part of the Malayan Union, which later became ...

Food.  It

Food. It's what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner...

A travel blog entry by philthy

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We are now in Melacca, Malasia enjoying one more day here before we hear up to the Taman Negara National Park for some hiking. We've gotten a few email questions on the food here and I thought I'd take a moment to descibe what we've been eating so ...

Malacca, history, food, and street races, Malacca City, Malaysia travel blog

Malacca, history, food, and street races

A travel blog entry by jeroenandlinda

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... not too fancy. They do have an egg counter where we order two soft boiled eggs. Little do we know that soft boiled here in Malaysia is actually hardly boiled so egg white runs out when I crack the shell. We ask the waiter to toss them back in the water ...

Asian Adventure, Malacca, Malaysia travel blog

Asian Adventure

A travel blog entry by andy_jillian

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... minaret, you could hear the chanting from the Buddhist temple, amazing. The street was very aptly named Harmony Street. Malacca, and Malaysia in general, is just as equally ethnically diverse. The native and majority people are the Malay who are all ...