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Merry Miri, Miri City Fan, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia travel blog

Merry Miri

A travel blog entry by jawad

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... stated that Miri had seen better days). It boasts one of the best open public spaces I have seen anywhere in Malaysia. The Miri City Fan is a new park development that has several tastefully themed gardens with fountains and a huge square amphitheatre ...

Food.  It

Food. It's what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner...

A travel blog entry by philthy

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We are now in Melacca, Malasia enjoying one more day here before we hear up to the Taman Negara National Park for some hiking. We've gotten a few email questions on the food here and I thought I'd take a moment to descibe what we've been eating so ...

Malacca, history, food, and street races, Malacca City, Malaysia travel blog

Malacca, history, food, and street races

A travel blog entry by jeroenandlinda

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... not too fancy. They do have an egg counter where we order two soft boiled eggs. Little do we know that soft boiled here in Malaysia is actually hardly boiled so egg white runs out when I crack the shell. We ask the waiter to toss them back in the water ...

Its a Cracker, Malacca, Malaysia travel blog

Its a Cracker

A travel blog entry by bush-trotters

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... they'd just been fed (chicken limbs still visible in between those vast jaws). Down the road was a park called "Mini Malaysia" (construction costs estimated to be one miiiiillion dollars). This has 13 life sized traditional Malaysian houses and some Thai, ...