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Penang - Bye bye beach, Pinang, Malaysia travel blog

Penang - Bye bye beach

A travel blog entry by stephen.j.booth

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... in 1786, the entry is cheap and to look around is interesting enough. Commonwealth influence is very noticable around Penang with place names like Georgetown and Scotland Road. Later that day we stopped by the Eastern and Oriental hotel, although we knew ...

Borneo bound!, KOMTAR, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo bound!

A travel blog entry by jawad

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Having decided to stay in Malaysia for more than my original month long tour, I am now going to make the jump from Peninsular Malaysia to Borneo Malaysia this Sunday. This is possibly going to be the most memorable part of the Malaysian leg of this trip ...

Leaving a minivan, Georgetown, Malaysia travel blog

Leaving a minivan

A travel blog entry by sarah

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... swim. Judging from their general attitude, I'm pretty sure they don't enjoy it, but they possess the skills. We waded around Georgetown, saw "2 Fast 2 Furious" ('s really bad), and ate four times a day in Little India, hoping the rain would let ...

Back in Penang... and we can

Back in Penang... and we can't leave!!

A travel blog entry by tomandcharlie

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... friend by the roadside! The plan was to just spend another couple of days, relaxing in the very quaint backstreets of Georgetown as we stuffed our faces with tandoori. Mission accomplished on both fronts but unfortunately a bout of illness for both ...