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Middle of nowhere......, Bareo, Malaysia travel blog

Middle of nowhere......

A travel blog entry by gingerjazz


So...We arrived in Miri with pretty much no idea of what to do next. We had a guesthouse (Minda), full tummies and very littlle else. So, we settled in fore the night and watched TV with this guy called Barney who was also at our guesthouse and had a ...

Auf den Oranjeboom, Bareo, Malaysia travel blog

Auf den Oranjeboom

A travel blog entry by chrisundbasti

Nach dem Schreiben des letzten Eintrags haben wir den letzten Abend in der Zivilisation in einem der hervorragenden Fischrestaurants von Miri bei Fisch und Bier ausklingen lassen. Etwas verkatert mussten wir dann doch recht früh zum Flughafen. Nach ...

On route to the jungle, Bareo, Malaysia travel blog

On route to the jungle

A travel blog entry by sall_penney


So after a night in Miri, I hopped onto the smallest plane I have ever been on! A Twin Otter, 18 seats in total and you have to get weighed before you go on to check you don't go over the allowance.. Luckily I was OK! The plane was old and rickety but ...

An oasis of tranquillity and nature, Bareo, Malaysia travel blog

An oasis of tranquillity and nature

A travel blog entry by siestabrigid


19th - 23rd March Bareo (or Bario as we know it) is a 50 min flight from Miri in a twin-otter plane which holds 18 people.  You are weighed with your bags BEFORE you get on the plane - say no more!!  I flew over acres and acres of Palm Oil ...