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Dark days for Young Travellers, Rumphi, Malawi travel blog

Dark days for Young Travellers

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

This is a top pick!

... and Daria because they have to pay $100 each to get into Malawi and we get in free).  The "frequent minibuses" leaving from the Malawi side don't appear to be so frequent, so we get talked into a taxi for the hop to Karonga.  Here, Gregor and ...

Feel like a traveller again, Rumphi, Malawi travel blog

Feel like a traveller again

A travel blog entry by dinovagabond

... could search it - for what I do not know. Police checkpoints are quite common here in Malawi. I've gotten used to them. I enjoyed the ride to Rumphi.I enjoyed seeing the countryside and the mountains. I also enjoyed Rumphi.It was nothing special but I ...

Finally, Vwaza Marsh, Rumphi, Malawi travel blog

Finally, Vwaza Marsh

A travel blog entry by reef


... , and I was waved through. I walked along a little path to reach a small village, with one-story shacks, where I found a matola (Malawi's name for a matatu) that would bring me as far as Karanga, about two hour's drive away. Once full, we drove off, ...

Sailing Down the Lake - Men Overboard, Rumphi, Malawi travel blog

Sailing Down the Lake - Men Overboard

A travel blog entry by johnlucas

... about ornithology will be impressed. I am afraid I did not get a picture so you will have to take my word for it. Throughout Malawi at the moment they are burning the bush, the fire moves quickly, so fast it does not seem to seriously affect the trees ...