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Fresh water sea, kande beach, Malawi travel blog

Fresh water sea

A travel blog entry by gary.rosewarne

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Lake Malawi, Chintheche, Malawi travel blog

Lake Malawi

A travel blog entry by bat1chief.cj


Malawi is a unique country with Africa's 3rd largest fresh water lake that is several hundred miles long and over 2,300 feet deep in places. The lake forms most of the eastern border for the country and our camp home for the time we are here.  We ...

Roohi capsizes our 2 man kayak!, Chintheche, Malawi travel blog

Roohi capsizes our 2 man kayak!

A travel blog entry by ashah_008


Managed to get a respite from the storm!  Got kayaks out in to the water before Roohi decided that she had enough and 'walked' out in to the lake and subsequently capsized the two person kayak we had! There was still quite a bit of wind ...

Chintheche, Chintheche, Malawi travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Chintheche ...