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Done the RN5 and Still Alive, Maroantsetra, Madagascar travel blog

Done the RN5 and Still Alive

A travel blog entry by jenny.whinney


... -aye for her.  A difficult task.  Firstly, because aye-ayes are one of the more rare and difficult to find animals in Madagascar.  Secondly, because they’re nocturnal so even if I were to find one I’d have to shine a torch on it ...

Hey, look, a forest!!, Maroantsetra, Madagascar travel blog

Hey, look, a forest!!

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


Lacy must have been a superstar in a former life, because her third-year site is a real gem of Madagascar. My first impression of the region from the airplane is that it's forested. In a country that is 80% deforested, that is noteworthy. My second ...

Mmm, Endangered Species, Tasty!, Maroansetra, Madagascar travel blog

Mmm, Endangered Species, Tasty!

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


... for being able to immerse herself so fully in difficult and often unrewarding work. This afternoon Lacy and I turned back toward Maroantsetra, sliding and skidding through the sand to avoid the throngs of people walking along the road. We stopped for ...

Masoala, Masoala, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

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