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To see a child starving... a visit to the South, Ambovombe, Madagascar travel blog

To see a child starving... a visit to the South

A travel blog entry by jenaaronmad


... and stave off the hunger pangs. In late December and mid-January we had the opportunity to visit the South of Madagascar on a reconnaissance trip with our counterpart organization, who is working with several other NGOs to provide food aid. Food ...



A travel blog entry by lukestappler


Before arriving Madagascar, my experience with agriculture was limited to begrudgingly weeding my mom's garden. Things have been a little different since moving in with a family whose livelihood, both through personal fields and work with development in ...

Music and Friends Amidst Uncertainty, Ambovombe, Madagascar travel blog

Music and Friends Amidst Uncertainty

A travel blog entry by lukestappler


... ski down one for me.  Peace.   P.S. I finally have a mailing address in Ambovombe: Luke Stappler BP: 02 Ambovombe, Androy 604 Madagascar  Please send me letters, and I will most definitely respond!  Also, if you should feel so moved ...

Hunger, Ambovombe, Madagascar travel blog


A travel blog entry by lukestappler


... real reason. See, I teach in a fairly rural town, and most of my students come from even more rural communities surrounding Ambovombe.  The closest village is only a couple kilometers away, but the villages that feed into Ambovombe can be as far as ...