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A travel blog entry by lucinate

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... for god knows what. oh - there are the ruins of a fort too which has been made into a park. And we went into a church which was built half underground because at the time churches couldn't be higher than mosques. Skopje - You're not missing ...

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A travel blog entry by jambo

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... river and the old stone bridge. The bridge is over 500 years old and has witnessed some of the greatest events in Macedonia's history over that period, including the execution of some famous Macedonian hero in the 15th century, who was hanged over the ...

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A travel blog entry by aborder

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... . Well, it was cheaper recovering the jacket than replacing it. So that was Tetovo. I am now a familiar face at their bus station! Skopje, Macedonia - The city of Skopje is dissected by the river Vardar. I enter the city at dusk and cross a lion ...

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A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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Skopje - Not much I can really say. It is up there with Milan as being a right shithole. I only went there as it was on the way to Lake Ohrid. But there is only a Turkish bridge, an old feudal tower, a monument to Mother Theresa, an old fort and a market, ...