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A sad detour, Vilnius, Lithuania travel blog

A sad detour

A travel blog entry by segacs

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... when they get married, for good luck. Across the bridge was Uzupis, a weird little neighbourhood of Vilnius that has declared "independence" from Lithuania as a sort of hippie artist community, with its own constitution, flag, currency, even president. ...

Trakai National Park, Vilnius, Lithuania travel blog

Trakai National Park

A travel blog entry by andrewy

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... a glimps into the prison slife under KGB. The KGB used bugging devise to eavdrop on foreign tourists and citizens of Lithuania SSR to prevent any negative comment against the Soviets. The prisons shows confinement room, tourture room with padded walls ...

I dreamt of tractors and donkey carts..., Vilnius, Lithuania travel blog

I dreamt of tractors and donkey carts...

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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Out of the three capitals we visited during this trip, I probably expected the least from Vilnius. In fact I think I dreamt of no more than tractors and donkey carts roaming the streets on a grey snowless December day. That just shows how ignorant I can ...

Sunny Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania travel blog

Sunny Vilnius

A travel blog entry by segacs

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... my favourite activities. There are craft shops, vintage record stores, and even an arts district that declared 'independence' from Lithuania and wrote its own constitution. How very hipster. Oh, and speaking of hipster, most of Old Vilnius's cobblestoned ...