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Flat Matt

Flat Matt's excellent adventure

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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... and another friend, David, to the Basel watch show in Switzerland. On the way home they stopped in the tiny country of Liechtenstein and snapped a picture of Flat Matt being welcomed there. Once back in Amsterdam, Chris, David and I rode Flat Matt to ...

Vaduz., Vaduz, Liechtenstein travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevefn

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Vaduz ...

Passport stamp, Vaduz, Liechtenstein travel blog

Passport stamp

A travel blog entry by itsem

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Oh the lovely tourist office of Leichenstein, give them money and they will stamp your passport. So of course we gave them some money and they stamped our passport! A big and pretty stamp it is too. Vaduz is quite small, but has a Castle up on the ...

So nice, I went twice, Vaduz, Liechtenstein travel blog

So nice, I went twice

A travel blog entry by itsem

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Alex and I grabbed a bus that took us around the Alps and found ourselves in Liechenstein again! (Alex has been before too!) so we went and got passport stamps and ate. Seems to be the thing to do in Liechenstein - stamp - eat - go! There were no ...