Ghadamis, Libya

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Ghadamis Accommodations (4)
Kafila Hotel Ghadamis

Kafila Hotel Ghadamis

2.00 1 review

Southwest of Modern Town, Ghadamis, Libya

Villa Otman Hashaishe Ghadamis

Villa Otman Hashaishe Ghadamis


, Ghadamis, Libya

Dar Ghadames Hotel Ghadamis

Dar Ghadames Hotel Ghadamis

4.00 19 reviews

, Ghadamis, Libya

Ben Yedder Ghadamis

Ben Yedder Ghadamis

2.50 8 reviews

, Ghadamis, Libya

Travel Blogs from Ghadamis

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Ghadames Peal of the Desert, Ghadamis, Libya travel blog

Ghadames Peal of the Desert

A travel blog entry by aliainlibya


As Claudia was visiting we decided to book a trip to Ghadames, the old town know as the Pearl of the desert. It was an 8 hour drive inland from Tripoli and situated on the edge of the Sahara desert near Algeria and Tunisia. We had a wonderful guide ...

Locked away in the Algerian Sahara, Near Hassi Messaoud, Algeria travel blog

Locked away in the Algerian Sahara

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


Another funny place to go: the Algerian desert. An airbus dropped me in Hassi-Messaoud. After hours of customs and security checks, I set off in a 10-passenger plane. Two hours flight to the camp. I had never thought that the desert from above would be ...

ghadames desert, Ghadames, Libya travel blog

ghadames desert

A travel blog entry by akka9

... about the roman history and Turkish and Phenician as well. Such as Sabratha, Leptis, Magna, Tripoli, Apolonia and Cyrinica ghadames desert. That’s only small things about Libya just to open you eyes on the country and to start get more about it. ...

Map pin only, Ghadamis, Libya travel blog

Map pin only

A travel blog entry by pinkkaz

Map ...

Attractions in Ghadamis

Ghadamis Attractions (1)
Ghadames City

Ghadames City


Ghadames Governorate, Ghadamis, Libya