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out of this world, Lesotho, South Africa travel blog

out of this world

A travel blog entry by katherine-anne

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... the dark of night to meet the stars. The stars - no, I wont even try, just close your eyes and imagine........ Ah, Lesotho, to think I never even knew, could have easily missed, this wild and romantic encounter. But I found myself there, by fluke or by ...

Mountain Kingdom, Semonkong, Lesotho travel blog

Mountain Kingdom

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey

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... waterfalls in Africa, creates a haze of smoke as the water plummets 186 meters into a spectacular gorge. It is from this smoke that Semonkong - The Place of Smoke - gets its name. We took a 6 hour hiking trek to see the falls and the local village and ...

Out in the Mountains, Malealea, Lesotho travel blog

Out in the Mountains

A travel blog entry by goodrichodyssey

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... the Teacher, and picture of the Pre-School children) 2. Local museum in a traditional hut where you can see plenty of Lesotho herbs and plants. 3.Village walk and garden project Children from the village take you on a walk to their homes and places ...

The mountain kingdom, Malealea, Lesotho travel blog

The mountain kingdom

A travel blog entry by angela_louise


We entered the final new county of the trip, the tiny mountainous country called Lesotho. It felt like we had stepped straight back into Kenya. The people were poor, living off the land in huts. The scenery was spectacular. There we went on a pony trek in ...