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A Tour of Lebanon, Tyre, Lebanon travel blog

A Tour of Lebanon

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... drivers.... Next B was Beiteddine, a 19th Century palace with the most fabulous collection of recovered mosaics, rescued from all over Lebanon and hidden during the civil war. Breaking with tradition, our final tour was of Tyre in the far south, about ...

UN Town, Tyre, Lebanon travel blog

UN Town

A travel blog entry by trent


Tyre, or Sour, in the very south of Lebanon and like all other cities in Lebanon, has a long history dating far back into the BC's.  What I found most interesting is that due to the Lebanese civil war and tensions between Hezbollah and Israel, Tyre's ...

Ruins: Sidon and Tyre, Sidon and Tyre, Lebanon travel blog

Ruins: Sidon and Tyre

A travel blog entry by fatduck

... . Two of the important Crusader cities, Sidon and Tyre figured prominently on my list of places which I wanted to see in Lebanon. Both cities were founded by the Phoenicians long before either you or I was born. The Phoenicians were great traders and ...

A simple and elegant plan, Tyre, Lebanon travel blog

A simple and elegant plan

A travel blog entry by hdh

... the southern waterfront in search of lunch. Here it is given over to internet cafes, mechanics sinking beneath centuries of grease, and tyre shops. There seemed to be no food, but gallons of syrupy coffee, on offer. It was hot, particularly if ...