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(2)	History of the Harbours, Saida, Lebanon travel blog

(2) History of the Harbours

A travel blog entry by oudmayer


... to the Lebanese coast, but not only that: the perceived threat to the so-called Holy Land next door initiated the Crusades, and Lebanon and its convenient harbours happened to be on the way, once more. A string of Crusader Castles, often utilizing if not ...

Ruins: Sidon and Tyre, Sidon and Tyre, Lebanon travel blog

Ruins: Sidon and Tyre

A travel blog entry by fatduck

... . Two of the important Crusader cities, Sidon and Tyre figured prominently on my list of places which I wanted to see in Lebanon. Both cities were founded by the Phoenicians long before either you or I was born. The Phoenicians were great traders and ...

Sıdon, Sidon, Lebanon travel blog


A travel blog entry by hyperfeedback


... but felt like ıt could be 4000kms away. I origınally thought that ıt was Shia lıke the rest of South Lebanon but thıs ıs a Sunni stronghold and bırthplace of the former Prıme Minıster. You'll see less flash ...

Sidling through Sidon, Sidon, Lebanon travel blog

Sidling through Sidon

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Thirty miles south of Beirut is the ancient city of Sidon, inhabited for more than 4,000 years B.C. A desirable port, it fell under the dominion of many different powers, and has fortresses, bazaars, hammams and mosques. We begin by visiting the fortress ...