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Palmyra Hotel Baalbeck

Palmyra Hotel Baalbeck

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Khalil Mutran Street, Baalbeck, Lebanon

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Hezbollah in Balbeek, Baalbek, Lebanon travel blog

Hezbollah in Balbeek

A travel blog entry by worldtraveler2

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... as a deadly threat to Israel, the organization has another side, which few outside get to see.  In areas of Lebanon where social services are few and far between, the organization runs hospitals and schools, with outreach facilities far beyond the ...

(4)	The Mountains and The Valley, Baalbeck, Lebanon travel blog

(4) The Mountains and The Valley

A travel blog entry by oudmayer


... one, which goes past the Quadisha Valley to the ski resort of The Cedars. The Quadisha Valley is an essential part of seeing Lebanon. A rather inaccessible, deeply eroded canyon, it was the ideal place to hide – which is what many of the persecuted ...

Hitching on a hangover, Baalbeck, Lebanon travel blog

Hitching on a hangover

A travel blog entry by vague-abonding


We hitched a series of lifts in the direction of Baalbek and on entering the city a terrifying sound of machine-gun fire reverberated from nearby. The driver spun his head round and with a slightly panic-stricken look in his eye, pumped hard on the ...

B.C. Ruins & Hezbollah Gunfire!, Baalbeck, Lebanon travel blog

B.C. Ruins & Hezbollah Gunfire!

A travel blog entry by trent


... and I headed east for the Roman temples of Baalbek (the Sun City).  Considered the best archaeological site in Lebanon, Baalbek supposedly was built so beautifully that it exceeded anything built in Rome.  Conquered by Alexander the Great and ...

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Roman Temples of Baalbeck

Roman Temples of Baalbeck


Baalbeck, Lebanon

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque


Baalbeck, Lebanon