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Cave & Tha Kek, Thakhèk, Laos travel blog

Cave & Tha Kek

A travel blog entry by britanne


The town attraction is Konglor Cave inside the national park. Usually you are able to swim in the river, but because of the rain it was really muddy. Laos during rainy season...I wouldn't suggest traveling during this time, because all it does is rain! I ...

Khonglor, Thakhèk, Laos travel blog


A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

We wake up leisurely and it's pissing down wait rain. I join Basil and Helena for brekkie as David rose early. Hmmm vegetable soup for breakfast is an easy way to hydrate me. We wait out the rain and at the first sign of it stopping we say our goodbyes ...

The road to Tha Khaek, Thakhèk, Laos travel blog

The road to Tha Khaek

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

Me and David have breakfast with Arnault and then get picked up to get a bus to Tha Khaek. On route the bus uneventful but longer than we imagined. Most exciting I have to make a mad rush to the toilet with locals laughing at me. I try to give David ...

Kholong caves day!, Thakhèk, Laos travel blog

Kholong caves day!

A travel blog entry by nhsescapist83

At the Konglor hotel Chantha we meet Rachel and Guy a British couple for brekkie. They're very nice travelling super slowly. They had already been to the caves and have stayed two nights in Konglor! Possibly the only people on earth to have done this! ...