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A visit to Suncheon, Suncheon, Korea Rep. travel blog

A visit to Suncheon

A travel blog entry by matt_and_jules


A visit to Suncheon for Ashley's birthday Suncheon is a small city (if 250,000 people is what passes for small in this country) to the South-West of us and it is where a good friend of mine from university, Ashley, has been teaching since October. It ...

Teaültetvényen / Boseong green tea plant, Boseong, Korea Rep. travel blog

Teaültetvényen / Boseong green tea plant

A travel blog entry by arodin


Hááát, a Sporex 찜질방-ban nem aludtam túl jól: maga a létesítmény szuper, de egy adzsumma oltári hangerővel végighorkolta az egész éjszakát, így jobbnak láttam már 5-kor felkelni :-) A reggel viszont ...

The closest McDonalds is where!, Gangjin, Korea Rep. travel blog

The closest McDonalds is where!

A travel blog entry by mattandnicole


... 'happy', one of the boys said 'playboy' makes them happy. I threw a bit of chalk at him and told him not to be stupid. In Korea 'whacking' a child is not considered bad. While I have not used it yet I cannot wait until I can make a child stand up and hold ...

Woof Woof Woof, Gangjin, Korea Rep. travel blog

Woof Woof Woof

A travel blog entry by mattandnicole


A new month a new adventure One of the most famous (or infamous) things about Korea is their love of sitting down and eating Dog meat! Eaten mainly in summer by males, to help them avoid the heat and build Stamina, Dog is a meal that is taken very ...