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Shinan Beach Hotel Mokpo

Shinan Beach Hotel Mokpo

3.00 7 reviews

440-4 Jukgyo-Dong, Mokpo, South Korea

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Sitting on a Red Rock, Hongdo, Korea Rep. travel blog

Sitting on a Red Rock

A travel blog entry by darkstar

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It's off-season on Hongdo, the Western-most populated island in South Korea. Some 1100 kilometres beyond the Yellow Sea lies mainland China, but here one might as well be on the far side of the moon, if it weren't for tourists strolling the beach while ...

Still Climbing Toward?, Namhae, Korea Rep. travel blog

Still Climbing Toward?

A travel blog entry by micromegas-2005

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Regional Reverie Goes Even Faster, Mokpo, Korea Rep. travel blog

Regional Reverie Goes Even Faster

A travel blog entry by regionalreverie

... pulling me up for questioning. Officer Kim was very surprised when he learnt that I was travelling alone (remember, everybody in Korea does things in groups). After shaking my hand and wishing me a pleasant time in his country he departed. I stumbled ...

Haenam, Haenam, Korea Rep. travel blog


A travel blog entry by zelfike

Haenam ...