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Goat soup & the stoic baboon, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Goat soup & the stoic baboon

A travel blog entry by jsnicka

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We left Saturday morning for a weekend trip to Nakuru. I was finally leaving the big city of Nairobi behind and seeing some of the African countryside and some of the real African magic I had been expecting. Not long after leaving Nairobi, we stopped at a ...

On Safari!, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya travel blog

On Safari!

A travel blog entry by itsem

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... have started using tools, but I was more than happy not to! Hey, I’m on holidays! We then headed off to Lake Nakuru, famed for its pink flamingos. However when we got there thanks to floods, algae and time of year there was only a few ...

Life at an Orphanage, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

Life at an Orphanage

A travel blog entry by muratcan

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... they see fit. The International Humanity Foundation's (IHF) funds come from donations, individual sponsorships and grants. While I am in Kenya, I would like to meet all the alumni that I have gotten to know through the alumni database. There seems ...

An Idealist Gone Rogue, Nakuru, Kenya travel blog

An Idealist Gone Rogue

A travel blog entry by muratcan

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... . With some staff members and the 2 other volunteers, I decided to get our kids relocated to better homes in and around Nakuru. I was fighting on 3 fronts. The local government, the top management of our Center and our older kids who would definitely not ...