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the walking, oh, the walking, Kibwezi, Kenya travel blog

the walking, oh, the walking

A travel blog entry by lilti

Today I walked over 5 kilometers for sure. Kibwezi is located near Tsavo national park. You know, the park made famous for it's man eating lions. They don't exist anymore, but the wildlife around here is still known to be tough. Anyway, it's a hot and ...

Kibwezi..., Kibwezi, Kenya travel blog


A travel blog entry by lilti


... was much more red and orange then I'd thought it would be. Eddie was full of interesting stories and information. We arrived in Kibwezi about an hour after sunset. You can imagine arriving in the middle of no where Africa, after dark, and following your ...

dancing and witch doctors, oh my, Kibwezi, Kenya travel blog

dancing and witch doctors, oh my

A travel blog entry by lilti


... talk to one. That would be crazy. Apparently thats what the Kemba people are known for. They are the fourth largest tribe in Kenya, and they're known to be peaceful, but also experts with the bow and arrow. And superstitious. No one messes with a Kemba ...

Hot.. Dry.. Dusty.., Kibwezi, Kenya travel blog

Hot.. Dry.. Dusty..

A travel blog entry by lilti


... and the wisdom in taking advantage of it. People who are not afraid of seriously tough work. Because everything, everyone has a future. Kibwezi to me will also be the exhaustion. My tongue literally sticking to my lips, my legs weary, my skin burning.. ...