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Rock of Ages, Petra, Jordan travel blog

Rock of Ages

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... lost sound in placed, crackled and snowed a bit, and needed to be hit every few minutes just added to the atmosphere.  Petra Day 2: Having seen the main sites yesterday, we chose to get off the beaten track and explore the lesser seen ...

Day 20: Hiking in Burbeita & Afra Canyons, Petra, Jordan travel blog

Day 20: Hiking in Burbeita & Afra Canyons

A travel blog entry by journeyer

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... spent sixteen years.  We learned during the day that Ali specializes in guiding in the canyons in this section of Jordan. We consider ourselves really fortunate to have had this experience with him! We pay our departure tax and have the ...

Petra and the Last Crusade, Petra, Jordan travel blog

Petra and the Last Crusade

A travel blog entry by justinrowe

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... had been a sand storm and there was a lot of sand in the air. It was also freezing cold. I had never anticipated that Jordan would be cold. I had only packed a day pack to last me about four days and stupidly I had not packed any warm clothes. ...

The Not for Profit Hotel, Wadi Musa (Petra), Jordan travel blog

The Not for Profit Hotel

A travel blog entry by christinasworld

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... rag doll and slack-jawed stared at the ceiling, panting until I passed out. The next day while discovering the wonders of Petra the two Americans, two Dutchmen, two Japanese, a Canadian and an Australian banded together and decided that we'd all eat ...